Mike's Experience

Senior Geologist  |  PSARA Technologies, Inc.

January 2013 – September 2013  Short Term Project: Bloomington, Indiana Area

As a senior geologist with PSARA, Mike served their clients as a consultant on site remediation and design, completion of remedial work plans, and ground water monitoring of contaminants such as PCBs and chlorinated solvents. Mike’s role at PSARA Technologies was also an extension of his former role at CBS for 25 years as a remediation specialist in contaminant fate and transport and ground water investigation and monitoring.

Senior Geologist / Site Supervisor  |         CBS Corporation

January 1988 – December 2012 (25 years) Bloomington, Indiana Michael McCann joined Law and Environmental Affair, Bloomington Project in January 1988, and served there as Senior Geologist. He was primarily responsible for supervision of field activities including environmental sampling, contaminant investigations, site remediation and maintenance.

The major projects that Mike has worked on while at CBS are:
• Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies including contaminant fate and transport studies of the five main Bloomington, Indiana legacy sites; Lemon Lane Landfill, Neal’s Landfill, Neal’s Dump (Owen County), Bennett’s Dump, and Winston-Thomas Former STP. Implementation of the Remedial Work Plans at these sites.

• Remedial Investigations and Feasiblilty Studies including contaminant fate and transport study of the former Westinghouse plant site including contaminant fate and transport of PCBs and chlorinated solvents. Implementation of the remedial work plan and long term groundwater monitoring plan.

• Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies including contaminant fate and transport of chlorinated solvent of the Charter Oil legacy sites in Madison, IN and Houston, Texas.
• Groundwater Monitoring and Product Recovery at the former Westinghouse Plant site in Muncie, IN.
• Groundwater computer modeling at the Palmerton Zinc Smelting legacy site in Palmerton, PA.
• Groundwater Investigation and contaminant characterization at the former Westinghouse Plant in Bloomington, IN.

Mike’s areas of expertise are:

• Hydrogeology with a specialty in Karst Aquifers
• Contaminant Fate and Transport in the environment
• Groundwater modeling with MODFLOW computer model

Geologist  |  Skelly and Loy, Inc.

January 1980 – January 1988 (8 years 1 month)Lexington, Kentucky AreaEnvironmental Consulting to the Coal Mining Industry.

Geologist  |  Division of Water State of Kentucky

January 1977 – January 1980 (3 years 1 month)Frankfort, Kentucky AreaImplemented the statewide groundwater plan under Section 208 of PL92-500. Investigation of groundwater contamination for the state of Kentucky. First geologist onsite at the “Valley of the Drums” Superfund site.